What Is Navy Strength Gin?

What Is Navy Strength Gin?

There are many different kinds of gin. At Purity, we make three different kinds.

One gin we make that is different from the rest is our Navy Strength Organic Gin.

While our Navy Strength gin is rich in flavor, it’s also rich in history.

Let us tell you about it.

Where Did “Navy Strength” Come From?

Navy strength gin is a type of gin with an alcohol content of 57% ABV (alcohol by volume), which is more vital than standard gin. Standard gin is usually around 40-47% ABV.

The story behind navy strength gin originated in the 18th century when the first ‘gin boom’ began.

Back then, the Royal Navy legislated that there had to be a certain amount of gin on each ship while they were sailing on the high seas. 

It was required on board to help fight common illnesses and diseases. 

Gin then became a staple spirit for the British Royal Navy; giving it the name.

The gin was stored in wooden barrels below deck with gunpowder. To ensure its potency, it was tested at 57% ABV, which was the minimum alcohol content required, because if it were to splash on the gunpowder, the gunpowder would still ignite.

All of this led to the name "navy strength gin." The tradition continues today, with many gin brands offering navy strength gin at 57% ABV.

Purity Does Navy Strength Gin Differently

For our concerns, Navy Strength means, quite simply, a more explosive flavor. A bigger, bolder canvas to imbue with our botanicals – juniper and a selection of Nordic berries give your cocktails an unforgettable kick. 

Our Navy Strength Organic Gin is gluten-free, vegan-friendly, and organic.

Purity Navy Strength gin has all the hallmarks of a classic London Dry gin but is maximized for a delicious flavor. 

The base is our award-winning organic vodka (which is essential for any worthy gin), copper-distilled 34 times during 12 hours for extra purity, flavor, and smoothness. 

We then dial up the strength, and in turn the flavor, packing more punch at 57.1% ABV. 

Juniper, coriander, lavender, cardamom, angelica root, basil, thyme, lingonberry, and European blueberry blend to make any cocktail sing.

Check out what our Master Distiller has to say about it.

"To make a really fine gin, you must start with an exceptionally pure and smooth vodka, then infuse the hallmark ingredients in a way that really lets them bloom. Created from our award-winning vodka with 12-hours of copper-still contact, and the heart distilled 34-times, this higher ABV gin is incredibly smooth and packed with a really rich flavor."

- STEFAN MAGNUSSON (Master Distiller)

The Purity Navy Strength Gin Taste Experience By Master Blender, Mathias Tonnesson


The higher ABV of this stronger gin makes the flavors explosive, but still surprisingly smooth due to it being based on our 34-times copper-distilled organic vodka. Juniper, Nordic berries, and organic botanicals blend for a bold and impactful taste experience.


The defining note of juniper is blended with a selection of unique botanicals; fresh berry overtones and earthy thyme combine for an uplifting aroma.


Potent juniper and flavorful berries greet your palate. The complex fusion of ingredients is fresh and invigorating. Amazing for cocktails and surprisingly smooth enough to drink neat.

Here’s a quote from the master blender himself.

"We discovered that a higher ABV of our Vodka and time devoted to infusing our unique Nordic berries and botanicals yielded more flavor! Lots of it. Our Navy Strength gin is rich and complex, slightly stronger but surprisingly smooth to drink."

- MATHIAS TONNESSON (Master Blender)

Try One Of Our Purity Navy Strength Organic Gin Cocktail Recipes



1 Part Purity Navy Strength Organic Gin

2 Parts Purity Connoisseur 51 Reserve Organic Vodka

1/2 Part Lillet

Add ingredients to a shaker with ice and stir until ice cold. Strain into a chilled Martini glass and garnish with a citrus peel.

Garnish: Organic Lime or Lemon Twist

Originally created by Bond author, Ian Fleming in 1953, the Vesper is a sophisticated and elegant cocktail that incorporates Gin and Vodka.

It’s Time To Stop Drinking Poorly Produced Gin & Vodka

Although everyone can single out the dominant flavor connected with gin (juniper), most people don’t realize where the base spirit comes from. 

Gin is simply nothing more than a flavored vodka, infused with herbal essences. But it’s crucial that the base spirit is produced well before the botanicals are blended. 

Gin based on badly produced vodka will always taste...well, bad. You might get juniper and nothing else but ethanol ‘burn’ on the tongue.

We base our gin on our 34-times distilled vodka which elevates the flavor, and gin botanicals, creating a bigger, bolder taste and a smoother finish – making your cocktail more delicious.

So please, stop drinking badly produced vodka and gin. And join us in our quest for true cocktail perfection.

Try our gin to taste the difference.

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