Copper surface distilled, up to 51 times for extra purity, flavor and ultra smoothness

But it's not just the number of distillations that makes Purity vodka stand out. The unique still design provides more space for the spirit to be mixed in gas and liquid, resulting in a distillate so pure that no filtration is necessary. This means that all-natural flavors are preserved, and no unwanted harshness or aftertaste is left behind.

And it's not just vodka that benefits from this process. Purity gin also undergoes the slow distillation process, resulting in a spirit with unparalleled smoothness and flavor.

Deep in the heart of southern Sweden, lies the secret to the smoothest vodka in the world.

And the mastermind behind it all? The copper magician himself, Leif Nerhammars. Nerhammars, along with the renowned technical engineers at Kothe Destillationstechnik in Germany, developed a handmade still specifically designed for small-batch production. The result is a gorgeous structure whose sole purpose is to create a spirit so pure, it needs no filtration.

But how is this magic achieved? Through the power of copper. The Purity still is designed to maximize copper contact during the slow distillation process. As the spirit vapors climb through the two uniquely designed eight-story distillation towers, the condensed distillate falls onto the hot bell, evaporates immediately, and continues its slow journey to the next level of distillation.

The result is a sparkling spectacle that can be followed through the glass portholes at each bell all the way to the 24k gold spirit safe. It's here that the distillate is removed for repetitive distillation. In total, the spirit is distilled up to 51 times before it reaches its ultimate quality and an alcoholic strength of 96% by volume.

How far can we go with flavor, complexity and smoothness?

Stefan Magnusson has spent years refining the distillation process to craft the heart of the spirit for maximum taste and smoothness. Each batch of Purity vodka undergoes a specific number of distillations and hours of copper contact, resulting in unique flavor profiles and levels of smoothness. Purity 17 goes through 17 distillations with six hours of copper contact; Purity 34 receives 34 distillations for twelve hours, and the flagship Purity 51 experiences twenty hours of slow, slow distillation for incredible smoothness.

But what makes copper so magical during the slow distillation process? Copper has the ability to clean the spirit form unwanted flavors, create new taste aromas, and most importantly, create smoothness. The more time the spirit interacts with and touches the copper, the more layers of flavor and smoothness emerge. It's a process that takes time, lots of it. But the results speak for themselves.

Purity's sole ambition has always been to produce the best vodka and gin in the world. And they do it by focusing on taste and smoothness, using their legendary 600-liter custom still and the power of copper. The result is a spirit that's so pure, it needs no filtration and is bursting with character, nuance, and flavor.

So the next time you're in the mood for a martini or cosmopolitan, skip the commercial brands and try a sip of Purity vodka or gin. You won't be disappointed.